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Restorative Dentistry

At Brookings Family Dentistry our goal is always prevention but we understand issues do arise with your teeth. Whether it is a chipped tooth, cavity, toothache or missing teeth we are here to help comfortably return your smile to it's natural beauty.

Fillings are one of the most common procedures, and one of the least invasive ways to restore cavities to return a tooth to health and beauty. At Brookings Family Dentistry, we offer tooth-colored (composite) fillings to bring your smile back.. The process involves removing the cavity(decay) and then replacing with a filling material to restore the tooth back to normal function.


In some instances more than a filling is needed to restore the function and esthetics of a tooth. Indicators a crown is needed are if a tooth is cracked or decay has destroyed too much of the remaining tooth structure. Crowns cover the entire tooth and strengthen it, preventing further fractures and decay, both of which can result in tooth loss. Crowns still require good home care as they can develop a cavity along their margins.


If a single tooth or multiple adjacent teeth is/are lost, a bridge may be indicated as a replacement. A bridge is a replacement tooth that is connected to crowns placed on the teeth on either side of the space. Bridges are cemented to the teeth and thus restore the space with a natural look and function. Emphasis on hygiene around and under the bridge is very important to maintain it for years.


A more ideal option to replace a single missing tooth is a dental implant. Implants are replacement teeth that do not require the prepping of adjacent teeth and replicate the original tooth very closely. An implant restores not only the esthetics of a natural tooth, but also the function. Another benefit is the maintenance of an implant is similar to that of a natural tooth.  Click here to learn more about implants.

In situations where multiple teeth are missing, a partial denture may be a more economical option for replacement. Partial dentures are fabricated to fit to your existing teeth and fill the spaces of the missing teeth. Proper care requires the partial denture to be removed after meals and every night to clean. An important consideration is the home care of the remaining teeth as they are the support for the partial denture.


If there are no teeth, or the remaining teeth are not able to be saved, a complete denture will be necessary. Complete dentures replace all of the missing teeth on an entire arch to improve your smile. Similar to partial dentures, they need to be removed nightly and cleaned to maintain the health of your gums. Limitations of complete dentures include decreased eating function and adapting to speech. Dentures are not a replacement "for teeth," they are a replacement "for no teeth". An option to improve the function of dentures is by placing implants to support and retain complete dentures.


Root canals have one of the worst reputations in dentistry for being painful. Despite the associated fear, with the modern techniques used at Brookings Family Dentistry, they are often painless, with many patients falling asleep during treatment. Your comfort is our number one goal. A root canal allows us to relieve pain and save a tooth that would otherwise need extraction. Root canal treatment is indicated when a tooth has an infection or damage to the nerve that the tooth can not heal on its own. Often after completing a root canal and relieving the pain and/or removing the source of the infection, a crown is indicated for long term protection of the tooth. 


Our number one goal at Brookings Family Dentistry is for you to maintain your natural teeth. Despite your best intentions and our best efforts some times the best treatment is removing a tooth or multiple teeth. Indications that a tooth may need to be removed is a tooth damaged beyond repair, impacted/infected wisdom teeth, space for orthodontics(braces), or severe bone loss around a tooth. We will make sure your are 100% numb before removing a tooth and do everything in our means to make it as comfortable as possible for you.



Root Canal Treatment

Complete Dentures

Partial Dentures



Crowns (Caps)

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