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Emergency Dentistry


At Brookings Family Dentistry, we understand that dental emergencies occur at the most inconvenient times. Whether that is having a tooth knocked out, a toothache, or a broken filling, we will be there to get you comfortable in a convenient manner. Call us as soon as the emergency arises, and we will see to it that you get in as soon as possible, most often the same day. If your emergency is after hours or on the weekend please call (605)692-7788, email us at or send us a Facebook message and we will promptly respond to meet your needs.

What To Expect At Emergency Appointment

First off, we will start gathering information over the phone and provide you with any information on limiting your existing pain or problem. We will get you seated in a treatment room, and gather the necessary x-rays to make an accurate diagnosis to provide you with a solution. Dr. Hilbrands will perform an exam and discuss treatment options with you, so that you can make the most educated decision on the best solution for you. Once you have made a decision, Dr. Hilbrands and staff will get you comfortable and complete the necessary treatment to help you.

When should I call Brookings Family Dentistry For Emergency Care

Knocked out (avulsed) tooth - CALL IMMEDIATELY

If a tooth is completely or partially knocked out, immediate treatment is needed.

  • If partially knocked out but still in the socket

    • Call us immediately​ and we will give your directions on what treatment is indicated

    • Come see us as soon as possible

  • If tooth is completely knocked out

    • Call us immediately​

    • Pick tooth up by the crown (part you can normally see in your mouth)

    • If the tooth is dirty rinse under cold water for 10 seconds

    • It is best to attempt to place tooth back in socket

      • If  unable, do not force​

      • Place tooth in a cup with milk​​, do not store in water!

    • Come see us immediately​

  • When you arrive, we will take an x-ray, perform a thorough exam, and attempt to re-implant tooth

    • The tooth will need root canal treatment in the future​



If you notice you have broken a tooth, filling, or crown it is best to let us know as soon as possible. The tooth may or may not be painful to start, but will become painful if not addressed. Treatment may include a new filling, crown, or more extensive treatment if needed.



The most common symptoms include pain to chewing, severe sensitivity to hot and/or cold, constant aching, and keeping you up at night. Swelling may or may not be present with a severe toothache. The treatment options include either root canal treatment or extraction to relieve your pain.



There can be a number of causes for swollen gums, including periodontal abscess, and food/object stuck between teeth. We will address the swelling and recommend a thorough cleaning with our hygienist.

Broken Tooth or Restoration

Severe Toothache

Swelling Of The Gums

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